Frequently Asked Questions

About the Firm

What kind of reputation do you have?
Roland Walker and Marc L. Zayon, P.A. are experienced lawyers that are respected by judges and prosecutors. We fight for you. Any information shared with us is confidential and is protected.

How much does the initial consultation cost?
Our initial consultation is free regardless of how long.

How accessible are you?
Roland Walker and Marc L. Zayon, P.A. are very accessible and are in frequent touch with clients. We keep you advised and we accept all of your calls if we are in the office or ensure to get back to you once we arrive.

How are your fees paid?
Payment plans are offered to help you. You are not required to pay the entire fee in advance.

What is an arraignment?
This is your first appearance in the Circuit Court. You will receive a copy of the charges against you. A trial date will be set. We are there for you. We will advise you and guide you.

How long after arraignment will my trial be?
About 6 weeks. This can vary a great deal. The trial schedule of the Court and counsel is considered in selecting a trial date.

Do I want a jury or court trial?
We will help you with your decision. A jury can only find you guilty if all 12 are convinced of your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A jury can find you not guilty only if all 12 agree that you are not guilty. The judge, on the other hand, would alone decide on your guilt or innocence. It is important to know the background and reputation of the judge when making this important decision.

How often will I speak with my lawyer?
We will meet you frequently as we prepare your defenses. You are free to call us whenever there is anything you feel we should discuss. If we’re in Court, we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

What is the duty of a lawyer to his client?
To fight for you with all our strength in order to obtain the very best possible results.

Court Information

Should I go to court or to your office on the date of the trial?
Whether your trial is at the District Court, in the Circuit Court, or the U.S. District Court, we normally meet you there. It is important that you ask us. There can be important reasons to modify this general rule.

For example, identification could be an issue. We will keep you away from the court building until all witnesses have been removed from the halls and courtrooms.

What is the District Court?
This lower court handles misdemeanors such as drunk driving, possession of CDS (controlled dangerous substances), assault and battery, shoplifting, etc. If you are charged with a felony, the court generally conducts a preliminary hearing only and can either dismiss the charge or send it up to the Circuit Court for trial.

What is the Circuit Court?
Felony charges are tried in the Circuit Court, along with appeals from the District Court. When charged with a felony, you will have an option of being tried by either a judge or a jury.

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